Saturday, March 8, 2014

SISTERS & GIRLFRIENDS - Elena and Chiara

Today is International Women's Day. I am thinking of how important women's friendships are with their girlfriends and their sisters. I am so grateful for the long lasting friendships I have with my girlfriends in Germany and the newer ones here in America.

I met these two young women some years ago while I was riding a bus from Capital Hill to downtown.  Sitting in the back of the bus I saw them stepping in at the front and talking to the driver. The sun was shining into the window and made the yellow leggins glow. It was as if they were surrounded by an aura. They walked through the bus and sat down several seats behind me.

They talked quietly to each other. I could not hear the words but I somehow knew that they were not from Seattle or even american. I can not put it into words but I somehow felt that they had a special relationship and that they knew each other really well and had a way of being grounded and in synch while being with each other.

It took me a little courage to talk to them, when we all stepped out of the bus downtown. I invited them to call me and possibly doing a shoot at my studio. It turned out they were from Italy and here on a visit. I was very happy that it worked out to meet with them at my studio some days later.